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Sep 25, 2011 6:00am PDT
moderate senators, republican lamar alexander and democrat mark warner. >>> then indiana governor mitch daniels on the gop presidential field. and 2012 politics with "usa today's" susan page and "time" magazine's michael crowley. i'm candy crowley -- and this is "state of the union." >>> mark this down as the week barack obama took ownership of the economy, more precisely it was given to him. a "usa today"-gallup poll shows for the first time a majority of americans, 53%. feel that president obama is greatly or o moderamoderately t for the economy. more people still blame former president george bush but president obama won't be running against george bush next year. with me, obama's 2008 presidential campaign advisor and now senior white house advisor. thank you, david, for joining us. before we get to the politics of it, which is fascinating to all of us, let's get to the president's jobs bill. would he be open to breaking up this bill for the parts that you know you could get agreement on? >> well, the president has been very clear as he's traveled across the country and in the speec
Sep 25, 2011 6:30pm EDT
york city. air is across the midwest. there is a lot of rain across indiana into lower michigan. high pressure is off the atlantic coast. two systems.n we have had gloomy weather. for that to stick weund across the area as move into the first half of the upcoming week. over the next 48 hours, we should see some sunshine for the arlington into montgomery county. it will not last long. for clouds to increase on tuesday. there will be a chance of showers and thunderstorms. be mostly cloudy some drizzle. temperatures will be 60 to 60 degrees. be above average again. we will have around 80 degrees. there is about a 30% chance of rain, mainly to the west of d.c. it will not amount to much. cooler air is on the way for sunday and next week. theeratures will only be in mid-60's. the nighttime lows will be in 40's in town. outside, they could see some frost. i have a brand new picture lights.f the northern it is really cool. you can check it out on our website. >>> everyone is still focused on monday. was some good football this weekend. i love football season. >>> subsets and big wins in the
Sep 25, 2011 4:00am EDT
. >>> parts of illinois, parts of indiana and parts of iowa getting into aid moderate or even severe drought in some spots as you can see there, but the extreme exceptional jobs continue over the southeastern sections of the country except where we've had tropical moisture from louisiana into tennessee and also the southern half of the planes, an awful situation in southern kansas all the way southward into the southern plains and parts of the desert southwest. but again it's this dryer area here that's been surprising over the past few weeks. >>> look at the storm systems are rotating. it's been here all weekend and is still just sitting there. computer models have it tough time handling something like this but eventually the thursday and friday it moved on into eastern portions of canada and i haven't given it might last for longer than that. but top starts to develop another big change there in the west. that will cool things down it went up as we head to the eastern seaboard. >>> there's the moisture in the southern plains states as we head towards next weekend that we have to wait and s
Sep 24, 2011 9:00pm CDT
departments were called out to help in indiana last night the fire at reserve's storage started shortly before 8:00, at one point the flames ignited fireworks inside the facility, neighbors say that this same storage facility was damaged by a tornado three years ago investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire appeared below please are hoping for more commission on the hit- and-run accident early this morning that left a woman dead, the victim was hit on sheridan road about 1 blocks south of lawrence avenue as she was walking, it happened this morning around 130 in the uptown neighborhood she was taken to mount sinai hospital where she later died from injuries, no report of any witnesses of the accident or what kind of vehicle struck the victim who still remains unidentified. cook county crimes dropped per stoppers want your help to solve a murder that happened this past summer. someone was murdered in front of alices barbecue restaurant he was shot to death. there were handing out fliers to everyone in hopes of getting information that could lead to his killer or killers. hudg
Sep 25, 2011 1:00pm PDT
is here. the road is now an intelligent place. >>> indiana fever forward thamia catchings is the most valuable player and she's overcome a hearing impairment. yesterday i sat down with her. >> i was born with a hearing problem. i was born with a hearing problem, had to wear hearing aids, speech problem. i always wanted to fit in. and i remember countless days going to school, coming home, crying, all the kids were making fun of me and telling my mom and dad, i don't want to go back. please don't make me come back. they brushed my tears off and pushed me back out there. i think just the determination from that helped me with my basketball. >> you made a conscious effort where you said i have this impairment but i'm not going to allow it to stop me, i'm not allowing it to handicap me. so you found this love in basketball and said, you know what, i'm going to be the best at it. >> definitely. i think i was just so passionate and one of the things was, i always tell the kids, find something you're passionate about. sports was my thing. i started with soccer. went with soccer, basketball,
Sep 25, 2011 2:00pm PDT
safety. 90 years later, an indiana division of drel industries is looking to the indy 500 for ideas to create what they believe is the safest car seat yet. >> being close to indianapolis is what inspired us to work with them. >> the answer is in a material similar to the one used in the race car seats it is a foam called air protect. it reduces the impact by spreading out the force of the collision and air protect has been put to the test. >> we have concentrated on side impact crashes primarily because they are the most dangerous. all the advancements of automotive safety, a lot of that is up in the front of the vehicle. you talk about side impact crashes, you have about 18 inches of distance twenty sibet side of the vehicle and the occupant. the design of the seat itself, how we have larger wings out the side, we're dealing with and addressing the intrusion that happens in a side impact crash. >> air protect is on the road now and investors hope crash statistics will be the only thing taking a hit. reynolds wolf, cnn. >> got to keep them safe. we're going to leave the newsroom for
Sep 25, 2011 7:00am EDT
in indiana and michigan. how did he do? "guest: third place, 14%. this is a solid showing for romney, considering, and the have to -- he has to be happy that rick perry did not a hit a homerun. he and rick barry are leading in the polls. the romney support comes from the jacksonville area. he is certainly still in the game here. host: thank you so much for being with us. our question this morning is about the small donor impact on presidential campaigns. let's look at the other political news right now. this is from "the washington post." westchester, new york on our independent line, good morning. caller: good morning. host: welcome. caller: a want to say that i did not vote for obama because i was not a citizen. this time around i am. i would also make a contribution to him. host: why would you make a contribution? how much are we talking about? caller: it does not matter how small it is because so many millions of people who can donate -- host: see it heading up. tom, republican, in geneva, wisconsin, good morning. caller: how come you are taking three and four liberal colors in a
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Sep 25, 2011 3:00am PDT
to bring all of this moisture in around parts of indiana and towards kentucky. coastal areas will see a little bit of rain and scattered showers. it's going to be muggy and cloudy for the next couple of days, across the east. big rain moving into across the pacific northwest, it's going to drop temperatures down a lot. the tropics, very, very active right now. hurricane hillary, it's going to move in and affect parts of the baja peninsula and not worried about the stuff in the bahamas. and felipe. a 45 mile per hour storm, none of those looks like they'll be affecting the u.s., which is good news. back to you. >> alisyn: thank you. all right, coming up, president obama says his jobs plan will put african-americans back to work and the next guest said that black voters should think twice before believing him. he did vote for the president in 2008. and he comes from a long line of civil rights activists and now he's not happy with the president. we'll talk to eric in minutes. >> did you see this at the republican debate. >> newt gingrich calling your bluff. you really want to be preside
Sep 25, 2011 6:00am PDT
must love this. >> oh, yeah, they call me indiana jones. we have a good time. >> reporter: no, she has not retired. >> there's my.... >> reporter: and the hunting here is kind of special. >> yeah, i have my own honey, my own pineapple. my own brands of food and such. there's the gorgeous ocean. there's my garden. >> reporter: i thought you came to hawaii to mellow out. >> this is mellow. >> reporter: the 46-acre macadamia nut farm is the setting of her just ended reality show roseanne nuts. >> the solution to all the world's problems starts with my nuts. >> reporter: no longer doing battle with network tv executives, she spends much of her time fighting with wild boars. >> they're like people or something. they only want the stuff that isn't theirs. they're crazy. >> reporter: are they violent? >> yeah, they can be violent, yeah. they're as bad as a mad dog and they're tough. i mean they can kill your grand kids if they wanted or whatever. (bleating). >> reporter: also on the farm, goats. and one special sheep. >> that black one, that black sheep, that's roseanne barr. that's me. (blea
Sep 25, 2011 1:00pm EDT
's indiana, please go ahead. >> caller: thank you for your wonderful book. i was thinking of the relationship of ellen's three daughters. i read some of the first lady display that the figure of the second mrs. wilson wasn't worthy to be displayed next to the figure of her mother, ellen wilson. could you comment, please? >> yes. i don't know about that comment. i've never run across it so i don't know which daughter it was. edith had a somewhat contentious relationship with the youngest daughter from time to time. although at the end of her life they made up and were very cozy with each other. but ellen wilson had not wanted an inaugural ball. she didn't approve. she was a very sober, intellectual woman. she thought it was extravagant to have an inaugural ball. she thought it demedian the presidency to have a commercial event around it. so i don't think she had an inaugural gown. so she may have said that it was more important for her mother's gown to be there than edith's but i don't know which gown they would have used, frankly. >> when did edith wilson die? >> edith wilson died in 1961. sh
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)